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Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
The best technology for cutting plastics

MS SpA was founded in 1969. C.M.S. SpA is the parent company of CMS North America, a brand that brings together five divisions with a worldwide sales and customer service network. Located in Grand Rapids, MI, USA, it is dedicated to the sales, support and service of its customers, their CMS machines, staff training and long-term interests for the efficient usage of technology and continuing communication of its technological developments. CMS’s consistency in excellent price-to-performance ratios, production volumes and exclusive solutions, along with a variety of models, all serve to satisfy a wide array of production requirements. CMS solutions come from experience gained in leading-edge technological sectors and feature state-of-the-art machine tools specially designed for machining advanced materials. CMS has a long standing and renowned specialization in the production of multiaxis CNC machining centers, thermoforming machines, and waterjet cutting systems. The firm has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of advanced machines and decades of successful growth in aerospace, automotive, marine, wind power, eyewear, building, mechanicals, molds, prototypes, plastics, stone and glass processing. CMS’s unprecedented ingenuity extends to patented designs and manufacturing for its own electro spindle with the high torque and speed resulting in top-rank performance in terms of acceleration, speed, and accuracy.

CMS Plastic Technology produces numerically controlled machining centers, beam saws and thermoforming machines for the working of plastic materials, offering technologically advanced solutions. Thanks to constant investments in research and innovation, CMS Plastic Technology is recognized as a unique partner for entire processes: from thermoforming, to trimming, to the realization of models and molds, ensuring maximum productivity. CMS Plastic Technology is on the forefront of manifold divisions, such as: automotive, aerospace, earth-moving machinery, caravans, buses, railway industry, signing and production of bathtubs with industry-leading CNC machining centers that have high speed and best-in-class accuracy 3- and 5-axis machining centers for plastic materials processing.

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Shaping profits
CMS Plastic Technologies manufactures a wide range of highly flexible CNC routers that offer plastics distributors and fabricators a competitive advantage when producing parts in-house. Starting with their fully featured Time 100 Series, CMS Plastic Technologies provides a “turn-key” implementation including machinery, software, training and support so that plastic distributors and fabricators can focus on making profits. From the popular Tracer 200X Series with dynamic vacuum for holding the smallest parts and automatic load/unload systems to the Evotech Series of heavy duty 3- and 5- axis routers CMS can provide solutions from entry level to complete integrated systems.
Beam Saws: Automatic cut-to-size solutions
CMS Plastic Technologies also manufactures automatic “cut-to-size” panel saw solutions specifically designed for the plastics industry. The Helix family of panel saws offer a wide range of features including variable speed motors, blade cooling and full cutting table support to deliver accurate, chip-free cutting with excellent edge quality on a full range of plastic products. From the thinnest “see-through” to the toughest composite materials, CMS saws are designed to deliver consistent high-quality results to the plastics industry. The Helix 110M and Helix 130H series of panel saw have become the product of choice for many plastics distributors and fabricators over the past decade. A combination of labor-saving features, along with consistent accuracy and reliability, accounts for much of the popularity.
Focused support for plastics
CMS is prepared for every aspect of customer sales, service and support. A heavy investment in technical personnel and spare parts reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to protect customer investment in their machinery by providing prompt, professional service and support. Their Flat Plastics Division has a dedicated team of experienced plastic industry professionals who serve the plastics market in the United States. This team provides total focus on the plastics market and is dedicated to providing plastic distributors and fabricators with productive CNC machinery solutions
For additional information, contact CMS North America at 4095 Korona Court Southeast, Caledonia, MI 49316-8428 USA; (616) 698-9970, fax (616) 698-9730, or