Washington, Pennsylvania, USA
industry leader in engineering thermoplastic stock shapes

ecognized as a worldwide leader in plastics processing technology and application development, Ensinger has the ability to combine the optimum materials solution with the most suitable manufacturing method, and thus provides the industry with the most innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions available today. Ensinger designs and manufactures semi-finished and finished products tailored exactly to the customer’s individual requirements. Your projects can benefit from Ensinger’s vast knowledge base and many years of experience in finding the best solutions for problems involving engineering thermoplastics materials.

Ensinger offers a broader array of engineering materials than any other plastics processor. From general industrial materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, acetal and nylon to high performance resins such as TECAPEEK® polyetheretherketone and TECATRON® polyphenylene sulfide, Ensinger has the ability to provide shapes and parts for even the most difficult and challenging applications and environments.

While the world has been practically over-run in the last months by the global pandemic, Ensinger continued in its role as an essential manufacturer by helping companies in the medical device industry expand production of needed diagnostic and biopharmaceutical equipment by providing increased volumes of materials such as TECASON® P MT PPSU for sensor components and other vital parts. Difficult to clean stainless steel parts were redesigned and replaced with similar thermoplastic parts that could be cost effectively used to reduce contamination risks and costly downtime. In addition, value added service remained key, as Ensinger took a proactive approach to material testing and the documentation that is required to support the stringent regulatory compliance needs of this industry.

Ensinger has also expanded its offering and manufacturing capabilities for thermoplastic composites by expanding production capabilities to include semipregs, prepregs and organosheets. These in-house manufactured materials have helped supplement the production of TECATEC® composite plates, rods and tubes from such high-performance materials as polyetheretherketone (PEEK), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and polyetherimide (PEI) whose continuous fiber reinforcement offers mechanical properties that are comparable to metals but are much lighter.

In addition to this expanding range of engineering material choices, Ensinger also provides a staff of extremely knowledgeable plastics professionals to help customers make informed material choices and process decisions. From the experienced customer service staff to industry-specific market specialists, Ensinger’s ability to guide customers toward the right engineering solution is sought after by engineers and OEMs around the world.

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