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owmark LLC is is excited to announce the creation of its custom extruded sheet products webpage at This webpage was designed to provide easy-to-find, detailed product information on Rowmark’s custom extruded and laminated sheet products and capabilities.

Custom products highlighted on the new website,, include Rowmark’s light diffusing product, Rowmark LD; Rowmark’s high impact acrylic, Rowmark HI Acrylic; Rowmark’s wide range of ABS sheet products; and Rowmark’s thermoplastc elastomer (TPE) products.

Rowmark LD
Rowmark LD products offer high light diffusing properties, which are great for amplifying light sources while helping to hide LED hot spots. Made from high-impact modified acrylic, this product line features excellent durability and long-lasting UV resistance.
Rowmark HI Acrylic
Rowmark HI Acrylic is a high impact modified, extruded acrylic sheet, which is available in a wide range of thicknesses, colors, sheet sizes and finishes, including a P99 non-glare finish. This line offers excellent UV resistance and is a great choice for applications where durability is the primary concern.
ABS sheet products
Various grades of ABS extruded sheet are available along with co-extruded top coat protection, if needed. Offering a wide range of thicknesses, finishes, colors and sheet sizes. FR-ABS and clear ABS can also be produced.
Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) products

Rowmark creates a variety of custom TPEs that are designed to give sheet materials a soft touch and/or no-slip surface. Rowmark can run monolithic sheet with thicknesses between .020″-.060″, in widths up to 25″. This product is primarily run as roll stock and can be made with a smooth finish or with one of our textured or haircell rollers.

In addition to the product overview section, customers can also find the following on Rowmark’s new webpage,

  • A downloadable version of the custom extruded sheet color chart
  • A list of Rowmark’s custom extrusion capabilities
  • A Rowmark Industrial Material Sample Kit request form
  • A virtual tour of Rowmark’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Findlay, OH, USA
  • A complete list of Rowmark’s industrial partners
For further information, contact Rowmark LLC, 5409 Hamlet Drive, Findlay, OH 45840-6618 USA; (800) 243-3339, (419) 425-8974, fax (419) 425-0501,,