Archbald, Pennsylvania; Newcomerstown, Ohio; Findlay, Ohio USA
three manufacturing sites in north america offer a diverse range of products and services to distributors


IMONA AMERICA GROUP consists of three independent manufacturing and sales facilities: SIMONA AMERICA Industries, SIMONA Boltaron and SIMONA PMC.


SIMONA AMERICA Industries specializes in extruded olefin, PVC and fluoropolymer sheet, rod and weld rod for a wide variety of applications, including chemical and corrosion tank manufacturing, semiconductor equipment, marine, outdoor furniture, bathroom partitions, food preparation and orthotics and prosthetics.

Primary materials produced by SIMONA AMERICA Industries include PE, PP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, ECTFE and PFA. Featured products include:

  • BOATBOARD® marine grade HDPE
  • Polygrain® woodgrain HDPE
  • Polytone® multi-layer color HDPE
  • CRP-1® FM 4910 PVC
  • SIMOGLAS™ clear PVC
SIMONA Boltaron
SIMONA Boltaron is a world leader in high performance plastics for demanding thermoforming applications in industries such as aircraft interiors, medical devices and enclosures, chemical processing, specialty and hobby, general thermoforming and building interiors.

Using a combination of extrusion, calendaring and press laminating processes, SIMONA Boltaron offers 50 specialized grades with a combination of fire ratings, durability, colors, textures and gauges unavailable from any other film and sheet producer.

Primary thermorming materials produced by SIMONA Boltaron include CPVC, PVC and PVC/acrylic sheet. Featured products include:

  • Boltaron® 9000 and 4000 Series FAR-rated sheet
  • Boltaron® 4325 FM 4910 clear CPVC
  • Boltaron® 4335 VL 94 V-0
SIMONA PMC specializes in an array of custom extruded and specialty sheet material and provides a solid base for developing new products and new high growth applications.

SIMONA PMC focuses on custom extrusion and coextrusion, primarily in the manufacture of sheet products used in applications such as recreational vehicles, agricultural, motor sports, marine and industrial thermoforming.

Primary thermorming materials produced by SIMONA PMC include TPO, ABS, polycarbonate ABS and specialty sheet. Featured products include:

  • PremierCap® high gloss TPO
  • Exultra® 2000 Soft-touch TPO
  • Marine grade acrylic/ABS
  • OneStep® vinyl/ABS

For additional information, contact SIMONA AMERICA Group, 4994 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 30, Marietta, GA 30068-5649 USA; phone (800) 233-4701, email, LinkedIn: