AMGARD™ safety shields installed in Cameron Mitchell Restaurants
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants installs AMGARD™ safety shields
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants have upgraded the guest safety partitions in their Mitchell’s Ocean Club restaurant with AMGARD™ SR antimicrobial acrylic sheet from PLASKOLITE LLC. The independent, privately held restaurant group features 36 award-winning restaurants under 15 different concepts. Mitchell’s Ocean Club is the flagship location of the OCEAN PRIME boutique collection of restaurants.
AMGARD™ safety shields being installed in Cameron Mitchell Restaurants
“The AMGARD SR sheet was specifically developed for this type of application,” said Jim Szekeres, director of construction for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. “Installing new shields that are both antimicrobial and scratch resistant is an added measure to keep our associates and guests safe.”

AMGARD, available in acrylic or polycarbonate sheet, is manufactured in the United States and is formulated with laboratory-tested silver ion antimicrobial technology that protects the sheet surface from microorganism growth.

“PLASKOLITE began developing this ground-breaking sheet early in the pandemic to meet the needs of businesses that wanted to provide a long-lasting scratch-resistant safety shield with an antimicrobial protected surface for their customers,” said Jim Richards, vice president industrial sales. “We’re grateful to have the opportunity to install a beautiful solution for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.”

Braskem supplies I’m green™ bio-based EVA for Dansko
Dansko’s new line of EVA clogs are made with more than 50 percent of Braskem’s renewable I’m green™ carbon negative EVA bio polymer. The new “Kane” clog is durable, lightweight and comfortable. The Kane is easy to clean and the uppers are perforated for ventilation.
Dansko's renewable I’m green™ carbon negative EVA clogs
Braskem America CEO Mark Nikolich commented, “Braskem is focused on partnering with clients that share our commitment to advancing the manufacture of more sustainable products with our I’m green portfolio of eco-friendly materials. Our relationship with Dansko exemplifies this, as they introduce their new Kane clog which is made from more than 50 percent Braskem’s I’m green bio-based EVA. I’m green offers the same features of a conventional resin, such as flexibility, lightness and resistance, while helping support renewably sourced materials and reducing carbon emissions in the fight against global warming.”

Braskem’s I’m green bio-based EVA is sustainably produced from sugarcane, a renewable source that contributes to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by CO2 capture. It is suitable for use in footwear, toys, general foams and more. Benefits include:

  • Renewable source: Sustainably sourced and produced from sugarcane.
  • Drop-in solution: Replaces the conventional resin without investments in new machinery.
  • Recyclable: Green EVA can be recycled/reused in the same stream already developed for conventional EVA.

The I’m green brand represents Braskem’s sustainable portfolio, aligned with its commitment to the circular economy and features bio-based and recycled products. The goal is to combine innovation with sustainable development to achieve a better impact on the planet and society. Since its launch, Braskem’s I’m green sustainable portfolio of chemicals and polymers has expanded and now includes a range of solutions made from post-consumer plastic waste as well as responsibly sourced bio-based materials including green EVA, all reflecting Braskem’s commitment to innovation and the advancement of the Carbon Neutral Circular Economy.

CYROLITE® IV filter housing ensures safe infusions
Bacteria, microparticles and trapped air can all lead to complications during infusion therapy. Infusion filters, such as the MediPure™ Adult IV filters from ITW Medical, reduce the risk of contamination and thus increase patient safety. CYROLITE® medical plastic from Röhm contributes to this improvement of patient outcome.

Infusions allow a fast-acting and precisely dosed administration of medication in intensive care, directly via the blood stream or via fluids that stabilize the circulatory system. However, sometimes bacteria or minuscule foreign objects are introduced; for example, when infusion solutions are contaminated or material particles detach when puncturing the rubber plug. In these cases, micro- and nanoparticles can circulate during a 24-hour infusion therapy. Another risk of intravenous (IV) infusions comes from air entering the vein, which, in the worst case, could cause an air embolism. Inline infusion filters that are connected to the infusion tube significantly lower these risks.

One such filter is the MediPure™ Adult IV filter from ITW Medical, a manufacturer of fluid management components for medical applications. Its portfolio includes self-priming infusion filters that both block bacteria and particles and divert air. Inside the filters are parallel chambers with a polyethersulfone filter membrane with a pore diameter of 0.2 or 1.20 micrometers, depending on the product type.

CYROLITE® medical plastic from Röhm made using infusion filters
ITW Medical manufactures robust, transparent filter housings from CYROLITE CG-97. CYROLITE special molding compounds from Röhm are acrylic-based copolymers. They are developed for medical devices and compliant with the USP Class IV and ISO 10993-1 regulatory requirements. “CYROLITE products are contact-compatible with medical fluids, medications as well as a wide range of oncology drugs and carriers. In addition, our CYROLITE CG-97 grade is highly resistant to disinfectants and lipids,” explained Maurice Biagini, commercial director medical at Röhm. “While the disinfectants resistance prevents stress cracking from contact with disinfectants, such as isopropyl alcohol, the lipid resistance ensures the retention of the housing’s mechanical performance. The excellent optical clarity of the material is maintained even after gamma sterilization.”

Its good processing properties mean that components made from CYROLITE are customizable, for example with different filter connections for the MediPure Adult IV filter.

Rutuja Joshi, product developer at ITW Medical explained why ITW Medical decided on CYROLITE CG-97, “The three decisive criteria for us were the sterilization ability, alcohol resistance and extraordinary transparency. We also place great importance on the material’s pressure resistance. After all, an infusion filter should not rip or burst under any circumstances, even if liquid accumulates in the system. CYROLITE is one of the reasons why our filters can withstand pressure for such a long time. An increase in pressure resistance is a quality with which the medical technology company aims to stand out from the competition even more by introducing the next product generation. ITW Medical is relying on the proven CYROLITE CG-97 material from Röhm for the new MediPure Adult IV filters that are scheduled to be launched in 2021.

GF Flow Meter app for easier installation and troubleshooting
Superior Analytics Instruments (SAI), a specialist in measurement and control of liquids and gases, selected and installed the 2580 FlowtraMag® magnetic flow meter from GF Piping Systems at a sand mine’s polymer feed line for dewatering sludge in West Texas, USA. For this customer, water conservation and water reuse are essential. The full-bore magnetic flow meter is used to quantify the effectiveness of various polymers per ton of solids.
2580 FlowtraMag® magnetic flow meter from GF Piping Systems in polymer feed line
Prior to this project, Jon Cleveland, SAI owner, used GF products on other installations. During set up, irregular flows were observed on the flow meter. With the installation of the GF back pressure valve, these irregular flows were eliminated and more precise dosing achieved. These changes were easy to spot and the backpressure adjustment optimized, using the real time data observed on the app.

“The key reason the 2580 was chosen for this dewatering application was its compact size for fitting into tight spaces,” said Cleveland. “Other factors that went into the decision were its simple installation and setup, price point and amazingly easy-to-use app!”

The GF Configuration Tool Bluetooth® App allows users to configure and calibrate the 2580 to the parameters required for their system. After customizing parameters for averaging, low flow cut off or spanning the 4 to 20 mA output, users can monitor and adjust performance settings in the 2580 on their Android or iOS device.

“The thing about the app,” said Cleveland, “Is that it allowed us to do the installation and troubleshoot using technicians who were unfamiliar with flow meters and instrumentation but happened to be on site in the area. Having sold and installed numerous magnetic flow meters over the years, I have found some to be far easier to install and commission than others.”

By using the app, Cleveland was able to remotely instruct a group of field service technicians to successfully install, commission and verify calibration of the flow meters. This gave the sand mine a great deal of confidence in the measured flows. By having the app loaded on their phones, they could also do troubleshooting and diagnostics. “For one flow meter, the app proved to be essential,” explained Cleveland. “We had a pump that was failing but were unable to prove it until we did a calibration with the flow meter.

“The technicians that did the install are skilled in their area of expertise, which is three-phase pumps, DC drives and exceptionally large machinery, but they don’t usually deal with instrumentation. Yet they were all able to use their phones to do the set up and calibration, something none of them had ever done before. To me, the app is a way for system integrators to help with commissioning a system, even from a thousand miles away.”