Astari Niagara Internasional, pt.
Jakarta, Indonesia
40 years of quality sustainable growth globally

s one of the largest cell-cast acrylic sheet manufacturers and a trusted supplier globally, ASTARI manufactures the world-recognized ASTARIGLAS® brand. ASTARI has been serving the U.S. market for more than 25 years with nation-wide distribution points.

ASTARI’s commitment to the North American market and customers
In 2012, ASTARI AMERICAS Inc. was established in response to the growing need for ASTARIGLAS products in the North American market. Currently located in Malvern, PA, USA, the ASTARI AMERICAS office allows the company to react quickly to customer needs and market dynamics while providing enhanced services and quality products. ASTARI believes in a long-term commitment to the North American market and customers.
40 years of excellence in cast acrylic sheet manufacturing
ASTARI has 40 years’ experience in cast acrylic sheet manufacturing with almost 30 years’ experience in the international markets. ASTARIGLAS is available in more than 200 cities across almost 60 countries worldwide. As a recipient of the 2020 Primaniyarta Award (the highest recognition given to exporting companies in Indonesia), ASTARI was selected by the Indonesian government as one of the best performing exporters demonstrating a commitment to product quality and services.
Sky view of factories in Indonesia
Specialized in cast acrylic sheet with complete product range
ASTARI is specialized in cast acrylic sheet manufacturing, offering a complete product range and one-stop shopping to fit the specialized needs of their customers. Cast acrylic sheet offers many product advantages including chemical resistance, scratch resistance, dimensional stability, machinability, enhanced general consistency and enhanced optical properties.

In addition to their GP (General Purpose) cast acrylic sheet product line, ASTARIGLAS offers a complete range of specialty products, including:

1. LED blocks
Thick acrylic sheets designed to produce brighter illumination and uniformity on the face and sides of lettering applications. LED blocks offer easy and cost-effective fabrication.

2. Blocks/Thick gauges
Thick monolithic sheets without lamination that produce an opulent – crystal clear appearance.

3. LED sheets
Maximizes concealment of the LED light source and eliminates “banding” and “hotspots” from as close as 2″ to the light source. LED sheets promote brighter illumination, save energy and minimize component costs.

4. BR -1U
UL752, Level 1 uncoated, bullet resistant in 1 1/4″ cast acrylic sheets.

Acrylic sheet surfaces in single satin (P95) and double satin (DP95), offering optimum light transmission and diffusion properties with enhanced scratch resistance.

6. HP – High Productivity
Provides faster glue set-up and excellent bonding strength. Produces a more productive fabrication output while saving both time and money.

One of the first responders to the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting frontline doctors and nurses
During the onset of the COVID-19, ASTARI stepped forward as one of the first responders in the fight against the pandemic.

To protect frontline doctors and nurses, ASTARI immediately responded by donating aerosol boxes to more than 50 hospitals in Indonesia.

Throughout the pandemic, ASTARI remains committed to providing high performance in production and supply chain management to meet the needs of their customers.

For additional information, contact Astari Americas Inc., 5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 340, Malvern, PA 19355-1426 USA, phone (610) 648-3978 or (484) 985-0808,,