Gallina USA, LLC
Janesville, Wisconsin, USA
excellence in innovation, design and production for worldwide markets

ott.Gallina Srl was founded in 1960 in La Loggia, Italy thanks to Dr. Pier Aulo Gallina’s entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. Gallina’s ingenuity and love of automobiles provided the impetus to produce and supply profiles for the automotive industry. This industry development provided the foundation for decades of growth in the production of polycarbonate sheets and systems throughout Europe, North and South America and the Middle East.

Today the company is a renowned player in the production of sheets and polycarbonate systems used for windows, roofing and vertical façades for the construction industry. With plants in Italy, United States, Greece, Turkey, India and Germany; along with offices in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, United Emirates, Morocco and Colombia, Dott.Gallina represents excellence in innovation, design and production for worldwide markets.

Thanks to the investments in design and mechanics, Dott.Gallina creates their own “in house” production lines, equipment, dies and with a state-of-the-art research and development department, Dott.Gallina (Gallina USA) can satisfy the most stringent regulations and specific product requests and customization.

Gallina USA has been manufacturing and extruding polycarbonate sheets and panels in Janesville, WI, USA since 2007. Their 100,000-square-foot office and manufacturing facility produces multiwall polycarbonate material from 4 mm to 40 mm thicknesses. Their accessories provide customers all the tools necessary to satisfy everything from the smallest project to “stadium-sized” architectural projects. Their dedication to service, fast turnaround, quality and innovation allow Gallina USA to serve the plastic distribution, industrial, architectural, construction and horticulture markets.

Gallina’s expansion into the solid sheet PC market in the United States has added additional flexibility to compliment their leading position with multiwall to be a true full-service supplier of polycarbonate needs in the marketplace. Whether you are in need of stock material or special-order sizes, colors and dimensions to meet the most discriminating architect’s needs, let Gallina provide you the sales quotation to get the job.

Gallina is expanding its Janesville, WI, USA location, adding another 50,000 square feet. In addition, they are adding solid sheet polycarbonate manufacturing in Spring 2021.

Gallina now features a light deprivation panel for the growing cannabis market in the United States and Canada. Please reach out to your sales representative or call their office for more information on this new product along with all of their other branded material (Policarb®, Policomp®, arcoPLus®, Poli-lok®, Polisoft®; Polijuana®).

For additional information, contact Gallina USA, LLC at 4335 Capital Circle, Janesville, WI 53546-8302 USA, phone (608) 531-0450, fax (608) 531-0451, email,