Salem, Massachusetts, USA
panel processing technology

or almost 70 years, Hendrick has been the foremost innovator in panel processing and machining. Their commitment to quality is evident in their entire product line of horizontal saws, vertical saws and CNC routers. No matter what your production requirements are, Hendrick is up to the task.

As we enter the New Year, Hendrick is thrilled to announce the recent launch of several new product lines including the HK5 Series Computerized Panel Saws, SPN Series Vertical Beam Saws, the HM3 Automatic Beam Saw and HSR Series CNC routers. These lines are superior to their predecessors, with innovative features and precision components. If you have been thinking about upgrading your machinery, now is the time to do it with Hendrick as your trusted partner.

Maximize power, speed and safety with the new HK5 “PL” Series computerized panel saws designed specifically for plastics. Experience the difference of a standard 5″ cutting depth, powerful 25 HP variable RPM blade motor, spray mist coolant, independent reverse cutting system for thin gauge materials and very high cycle speeds using precision rack and pinion systems. A powerful Industrial PC controller with built-in remote diagnostics software are standard features of the HK5 series. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, the HK5 Series has everything you need to get you there.

Enter a new generation of unparalleled quality with the SPN Series Vertical Beam Saws. The SPN Series are truly unique machines with new standard features including linear guideway systems for precision motion, heavy-duty phenolic table systems and an improved linear action pressure beam. The SPN’s fully automatic cutting cycle effortlessly starts with the press of a button. Bring your production line to new heights with the SPN Series Vertical Beam Saws.

Upgrade your fabrication capabilities with the HSR Series 3 & 5 axis CNC routers. This powerful machine delivers high-speed positioning without sacrificing finish quality. Its compact moving-gantry design will free up valuable floor space in your production area. Standard features include a rotary automatic tool changer, Becker vacuum pumps, OSAI Control System, 16HP HSD HSK63F Spindles and so much more.

Hendrick is committed to one thing — providing truly exceptional machinery that delivers for years to come. You simply will not find a better value to keep your business moving forward. Put the power of their experience to work for you today.

For additional information, contact Hendrick at 32 Commercial Street, Salem, MA 01970-3917 USA, phone (978) 741-3600, fax (978) 744-0242, email,