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orplex-Micarta is a leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composite materials based on impregnation and lamination technology. Norplex-Micarta manufactures the highest quality specialty sheet products, prepregs, rods, molded shapes and tubes to meet demanding applications around the world. The global headquarters of Norplex-Micarta is located in Postville, Iowa, USA. To support the demand for thermoset composite materials worldwide, the company also operates a facility in Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China.

With a history dating back over a century, Norplex-Micarta has made significant innovations in thermoset laminate materials. Not only suppling the world with industry standard materials (NEMA, ASTM, MIL and IEC), Norplex-Micarta’s engineering staff has designed composites for specific markets. Norplex-Micarta materials can be found in aerospace, oil and gas, rail and mass transit, power generation and many other markets.

As a leader in the thermoset composite market, Norplex-Micarta specializes in epoxy, phenolic, melamine and silicone resins. In addition to standard reinforcements (fiberglass, paper and cotton), Norplex-Micarta resin impregnates carbon fiber, aramid cloths and other hybrid materials.

The ReadyStock℠ program offers quick delivery of full-size sheets and panels of in stock NEMA G-10/FR-4, C and CE. Their team of professionals can provide fast quotation and quick delivery. With stocking locations in Postville, IA, USA and Manhattan, MT, USA (open January 2021), industry standard materials can be delivered to your dock in just a few days. For more information, please visit
Product lines
Norplex-Micarta has categorized their materials into different product lines to simplify finding the right material for your customers. With products lines such as CryoLAM™ — cryogenic insulation material, EnureX™ — composite bearing and wear materials, or ElectroLAM™ — thermoset composites for electrical devices and applications; material selection is easier than ever.
Quality control
Norplex-Micarta uses state-of-the-art custom designed computer process controls to ensure materials and parts are produced under tightly controlled conditions supported by an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system.
For more information, contact: Norplex-Micarta, 665 Lybrand Street, Postville, IA 52162-0977 USA; (563) 864-7328,
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