Palram Americas
Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA
delivering creative thermoplastic solutions to today’s challenges

ince the company’s inception, Palram’s mission as a manufacturer has been to consistently push thermoplastics beyond their limits to innovate cutting-edge solutions to market challenges as they emerge.

Today, Palram is staying true to their mission by now offering the industry’s largest selection of antimicrobial thermoplastic products — the HYG series. These antimicrobial sheets are infused with silver ions to protect their surfaces from the growth of bacteria, molds and mildew that cause stains and odors. Palram’s antimicrobial HYG products are already being used within healthcare suites and hospitals, schools, locker rooms and gyms, daycare, offices and manufacturing facilities.

Palram’s HYG series of sheets are phthalate free, nonflammable, 100 percent recyclable, easy to form and fabricate, impact and chemical resistant and are printable while maintaining their full antimicrobial properties that are actively protecting the sheet’s surface.

These solid, antimicrobial polymer sheets are scratch-resistant and waterproof — they can be laminated to base substrates such as PALIGHT® PVC or even wood. Highly versatile, PALCLAD PRO can also be used for wall cladding or can be vacuum formed for a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for: medical device housings and covers, trays, sanitation stations, ready-to-assemble furniture, countertops and cabinet doors.
PALBOARD™ HYG is a multilayer polymer sheet that combines two rigid, ultra-smooth white surfaces with a white foam PVC core. It offers excellent ink adhesion and white index for vibrant color reproduction. PALBOARD can also be thermoformed and cold bent with v-grooves. It is ideal for: kiosks, 3D structures, P-O-P displays, shelving, organized storage, retail signage and BOPIS (buy online, pick up at store) pick-up counters.
An extra-rigid variation of PALBOARD HYG, this multilayer sheet combines two black surfaces with a dense, black foam PVC core. The extra rigidity provides long-lasting durability in high traffic areas. The sheets have a fine hair-cell finish on one side and are ultra-smooth on the other. 3D MAX can be vacuum formed and cold-bent with v-grooves, providing endless possibilities. Offering superior ink adhesion, it can be hot stamped or digitally/silk-screen printed. It is ideal for: 3D structures, vacuum formed housings and enclosures, P-O-P displays, cosmetic floor and counter-top displays, signage and exhibits.

Palram’s HYG products are infused with silver ion antimicrobial technology to protect the sheet’s surface. It is not designed to prevent the transmission of any infectious diseases.

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