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öhm, the inventor of “acrylic glass” is the global innovation leader in methacrylate chemistry, PMMA and acrylic sheet, film, rod and tube. Invented in 1933, “acrylic glass” was polymerized in cast sheet form between glass panes and the acrylic cell cast sheet process evolved creating a global market for transparent, weatherable “acrylic glass.” This development led to innumerable creative uses for this crystal-clear transparent and brilliant new thermoplastic material that can be formed, cut, drilled, polished and converted into parts and components for applications across most industries and markets.

Röhm rapidly innovated with this new material, including chemical modifications of MMA to develop a wide variety of methacrylate monomers, dispersions and resins; polymerization processes for conversion of MMA to PMMA; and casting and extrusion processes to create new forms with different properties allowing a wider variety of uses and applications. Röhm continues to innovate in the MMA chemistry and conversion processes as demand increases throughout the world.

Röhm entered the U.S. market with the brand Rohaglas. In 1960, American Cyanamid entered the MMA, PMMA and acrylic sheet market with the purchase of Wasco Chemical Company in Sanford, ME, USA. Röhm opened the Chemacryl Plastics plant in Niagara Falls, Canada in 1974 to produce PMMA and multiwall acrylic sheet. In 1976, Röhm formed a joint venture with American Cyanamid that became CYRO. CYRO manufactured MMA, PMMA and ACRYLITE® sheet products under the ACRYLITE® brand. CYRO acquired Chemacryl in 1977.

Colorful water tower on top of city building
ACRYLITE® pictured above in a colorful water tower installation in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Photography by Randy Duchaine.
The CYRO joint venture introduced innovative MMA, PMMA and acrylic sheet process technologies and product innovations to the Americas including continuously manufactured “FF” acrylic sheet. ACRYLITE FF was introduced as an extruded alternative to cell cast ACRYLITE in 1978. The CYRO sales and technical teams toured North America demonstrating the handling, processing and uses of this new form of “acrylic glass.”

Today, Röhm continues to manufacture and market its acrylic sheet products under the ACRYLITE brand name in the Americas. These same products are manufactured and marketed under the PLEXIGLAS® trade name on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents. Along the way, innovation in acrylic semi-finished products has been the foundation of growth at Röhm.

Throughout its history in the Americas, Röhm and the ACRYLITE brand have been an innovation leader in cell cast and extruded acrylic sheet, acrylic films, block, rod and tube, multiwall roofing and noise barrier. Today, ACRYLITE and the Röhm team continue to deliver inspiration and creativity to their customers, markets and the industries they serve.

At the core of their business and innovations are two constants: 1) their dedicated, creative and collaborative customer-focused employees and 2) their strong relationship and commitment to the plastics distributors in North America as their primary channel to market.

Röhm is committed to being “Traditionally Innovative.”

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