Salem, Massachusetts, USA
over 70 years of experience

endrick has been in operation since 1952. Since their beginning, they have taken pride in providing world-class, high-quality panel saws and CNC routers that make production faster, safer and more precise.

Many people in the plastic industry learned how to cut on a Hendrick manual HPS Rail Saw or the automated Pro-H Saw pictured. The Pro-H revolutionized the plastic industry by marrying a saw with a computer to index cut your material with repeatable surgical accuracy. Their saws have stood the test of time — which is why this add from 1981 is still relevant today.

With the introduction of the Pro-H saw, Hendrick created machinery specifically geared toward the plastics industry. They tailored their machines to have a large depth of cut and high throughput speeds, all the while keeping prices extremely competitive. They offer horizontal panel saws, vertical panel saws, cross-cut saws and CNC routers. Each of these come with the Hendrick commitment that you are getting not only a world-class piece of equipment but also their promise that they are with you for the life of the product. No monthly fees, no subscriptions to manage, just support and parts when you need them the most! Plain and simple.

In 2019 Hendrick introduced the HK5 panel saw line, designed specifically for plastics distributors and manufacturers in need of a saw capable of cutting sheet, rod and tubbing. They took everything they learned from legacy HPS, Pro-H, Pro-Am, SRP, HC4 and CH4 models and engineered that experience into the current HK5 series saw line. A large 5″ cutting depth, short stroke pressure beam, automatic blade height, 25HP blade motor, on-the-fly adjustable blade RPM and carriage speed are just some of the features that make the HK5 a saw built with plastics distributors and fabricators in mind.

Both lines of CNC routers and panel saws use readily available components that can be sourced locally and are always in stock at Hendrick. They are here to keep you in production and avoid any downtime. They also offer professional services such as site evaluations, machinery recommendations, dust collection systems, ducting layouts, installation of new machinery and relocation of existing machinery as well as tooling support and application recommendations. Onsite training for new machinery and free remote training or troubleshooting is available to all new and existing customers. Do not hesitate to call Hendrick for your service needs.

A picture of Hendrick saw, INC
Horizontal saws

HK5 Series: Offered 3200PL (10′) and 4200PL (14′) configurations. 5″ depth of cut, pusher with grippers and unique “pusher block mode” that acts as a solid pusher for cutting small parts and narrow strips. 25 HP blade motor and 18″ main saw blade with drive pin, solid back crosscut table for small part, strip or rod cutting.

HC6 Series: Offered in a 3200PL (10′), 3800PL (12′) and other configurations. 6″ depth of cut, can be built with a solid pusher or gripper configuration, 25 HP motor with a 20″ main blade with drive pins, dual side aligners, solid back table, roller wheel or combination configurations.

HM3 Series: Offered in a 3200 (10′) configuration. The HM3 is a manual positioning beam saw with an automatic rack and pinion saw carriage drive system. Move your material against a position stop and automatically cut your material with a tap of the touchscreen.

Vertical saws
SPN1 Series: Offered cutting lengths of 6′, 8′, 10′ while minimizing the amount of floor space it takes up. manually position your material against the user-friendly stops and automatically cut your material up to 3″ thick.

SPN2 Series: Offers all the features as the SPN1 with the added benefit of an automated pusher system.

CNC routers
HSR-R68 Series: Offered with a standard 5′ x 10′ table but can be built to order for whatever table size is required. A powerful 16HP HSK63F 24,000 RPM spindle and robust OSAI control system offers power and precision for your machining needs.

“Built tough and made to last” is not just a slogan. Some of the first Hendrick panel saws manufactured in the 1950s are still in operation. Put the power of their experience to work for you today!

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