Palram Americas, Inc.
Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA

023 marks Palram’s 60th anniversary as a global leader in polycarbonate and PVC innovations within the thermoplastic industry. With time-tested resources, proprietary technologies and a rich history of expertise, Palram has become a trusted partner to markets spanning industrial; construction and architecture; safety and security; sign and display; transportation; and outdoor living.

From Palram’s hands-on team and product customization to timely shipping, and sales support, providing world-class service is a priority. In addition, Palram is committed to purposeful innovation, drawing inspiration from emerging market trends and customer requirements to create solutions that are tailored to a wide variety of applications.

Experience the benefits of a nimble, single source supplier of high-quality polycarbonate and PVC.

Polycarbonate featured products

PALSUN®: Palram’s state-of-the-art equipment translates to increased polycarbonate capacity and even faster turnarounds on PALSUN flat sheet, run-to-size and coil stock. PALSUN is available in clear, sign grade wide and a variety of tints with or without diffusion. From general purpose, UV and fire-retardant products to IR and technically advanced SolarSmart™ tints with selective solar control technology.

PALGARD Abrasion Resistant: With its advanced surface coating, PALGARD excels in resisting vandalism, graffiti spraying and physical attack. It’s also resilient to a wider variety of chemicals and the increased wear and tear of high traffic areas.

PALSHIELD Ballistic-Grade: Available in different levels of ballistics and forced-entry protection to meet a variety of safety and security applications. Due to its layered, laminated structure, PALSHIELD sheets can withstand both physical attacks and multi-shot ballistic assaults by absorbing impact energy without shattering or spalling.

PVC featured products
PALBOARD: Combines two ultra-smooth surfaces of solid PVC with a black or white dense foam core. Its uniform surfaces are bright white allowing for the most vibrant color reproduction. Lighter weight than ACM and more structurally stable than corrugated, PALBOARD is the next generation substrate for displays and fixtures. Print it. Cut it. V-groove it. Cold-bend it. Ship it flat. Assemble, Dissemble, Repeat.

PALIGHT® Premium: The flagship of Palram’s FPVC offering, PALIGHT Premium offers an industry-leading combination of brightness, uniformity, workability and print quality.

PALIGHT® Print: The brightest economical foam PVC, it’s an ideal sheet for cost-sensitive, quick-turn or high-volume projects.

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