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GF Piping Systems metric sizes
GF Piping Systems expands Stress Less® Pipe Support System
GF Piping Systems has expanded the size offerings of its Stress Less® Pipe Support System for plastic piping. The system includes pipe guides, clevis hangers and valve supports, allowing installers the flexibility to mount directly on any flat surface, on pipe support rail, horizontally as a hanger or vertically. With both metric and IPS (inch) sizes, Stress Less can accommodate most plastic piping systems.

Traditional pipe clamps hold piping in a fixed location. If plastic pipes are held in place too tightly without allowance for thermal expansion, mechanical stress is transferred to the pipe. Stress of this kind on plastic pipes is the leading cause of premature piping leaks and failures. When plastic piping leaks, it is usually near clamping locations.

Stress Less pipe supports are designed to eliminate stress transfer to plastic pipe during thermal expansion. Consisting of a polypropylene insert within a trivalent chrome-coated metal hoop, each Stress Less support leaves room for movement between the inner plastic insert and the pipe. The smooth inner surface of the insert allows the piping to slide freely in the axial direction with minimal stress and wear during each thermal expansion cycle. Meanwhile, the outer metal bracket never meets the pipe, no matter how tightly it is bolted down at installation.

Stress Less also protects pipes from damage during seismic activity. The gap between pipe and support is engineered to prevent severe impact on the pipe in the event of an earthquake. In addition, the steel metal hoop can support the weight of piping even during strong seismic events, meeting ANSI/MSS SP-58 requirements for pipe hangers and supports. GF Piping Systems created Stress Less to protect pipes in a wide variety of conditions, giving users peace of mind.

Stress Less guides are available in metric sizes ranging from 20 mm to 315 mm, including the newly available 125 mm, 140 mm, 250 mm, 280 mm and 315 mm sizes. Stress Less guides are also offered in IPS sizes ranging from ½” to 12″, including the new 5″, 10″ and 12″ units.

Stress Less is engineered to protect and extend the life of thermoplastic piping systems. The supports can be used with many materials and systems including PVDF, PP, PVC, CPVC, HDPE, ABS, ECTFE, double-contained piping and pre-insulated plastic piping systems. The hoops are coated with a trivalent gold chromium-coated steel which protects the brackets from rusting, corrosion and wear, and the plastic inserts are made from a UV resistant polypropylene plastic for added durability. These materials make Stress Less suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor installation settings, from highly corrosive environments to high purity facilities.

Vycom custom signboard solutions
Vycom is promoting its ability to custom manufacture Celtec® signboard solutions to incorporate user-specified colors and sizes. For the display graphics industry, the printable Celtec family — including DigiLite®, Woodgrain and Thick Gauge materials — offers a range of thicknesses, finishes and textures for extruded PVC sheets and is manufactured using 100 percent U.S.-made products.

Celtec materials are available in 10 standard colors, three finishes and thicknesses ranging from 1-38 mm in a variety of sizes. Vycom can provide custom colors and run-to-size manufacturing of the entire Celtec line, which can help streamline the production process of high-volume, digitally printed graphics. Print service providers, exhibit houses and fabrication studios that use large quantities of materials can maximize yield and reduce waste by bypassing pre- or post-cutting rigid PVC and go straight into print production once materials are received. Colors tailored to meet clients’ identity or brand needs can also be manufactured, within available thicknesses or finishes.

Recycled high performance polyamides from Arkema
Arkema announced three materials being produced under the Virtucycle® program at the company’s recycling center In Italy: partially or fully recycled Rilsan® polyamide 11, Rilsamid® polyamide 12 and Pebax® polymers. The Virtucycle program places the advanced materials designer at the center of a virtuous cycle to source, recycle and recertify advanced polymers.

By the end of this year, Arkema plans to offer several SCS-certified grades that meet critical performance standards while also offering a traceable supply chain. SCS is a global third-party environmental and sustainability certification body ( Detailed lifecycle analysis data packages will be available upon request. The grades are produced using only renewable energy.

“More and more, our customers are interested in innovative recycled options in order to drive improved sustainability and circularity in the supply chain,” according to Erwoan Pezron, Arkema’s senior vice president for High Performance Polymers. “The ability to design certified recycled grades with high performance and lower carbon footprint is an exciting step in the sustainability journey of our customers and Arkema. Extending the life of these polymers, sometimes in applications quite unrelated to their original use is gratifying. The growth potential is significant.”

Asahi/America, Inc. adds sanitary adapters to T-342 diaphragm valve
sanitary adapters
Asahi/America, Inc. now offers its T-342 diaphragm valves with optional sanitary adapter end connectors. The T-342 diaphragm valve with sanitary end connectors is now available in Purad® PVDF, PolyPure® PPn, and PP-Pure® PP materials from ½” to 2″ sizes. The sanitary end connections for the T-342 diaphragm valve are added using beadless welding, which leaves no weld bead or crevice for bacteria buildup. The T-342 diaphragm valve with sanitary end connectors is fabricated, cleaned and then double bagged in the company’s class 1000 cleanroom to ensure a particle-free product arrives at the jobsite. Asahi/America’s T-342 diaphragm valves are suitable for a high purity water system, such as RO/DI applications and UPW lines, as the valve design eliminates entrapment areas for bacteria to grow.