Roehm America LLC
Sanford, Maine, USA
traditionally innovative

öhm is a leading supplier of methacrylate chemicals worldwide. Thanks to their positioning as a global company with 15 production sites on four continents, Röhm is close to their customers and markets. As one of the world’s leading partners in quality and reliability, they are committed to defining the methacrylate markets of tomorrow together with their customers.

With their diverse portfolio of semi-finished ACRYLITE® products, they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Further brands such as CYROLON, EUROPLEX® and ACRIFIX® offer specialist solutions for signage, medical technology, transportation and other industries. A strong partner for industry and trade, the business unit develops innovative products for sustainable applications.

Backed by the industry’s leading warranties
With more than 20 warranties offered across their product portfolio and up to 30 years of guaranteed protection, ACRYLITE acrylic products represent quality, reliability and longevity.
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The original by Röhm
Röhm, the creator of “acrylic glass” invented this material in 1933 which is now one of the world’s best-known plastic brands. Today, Röhm continues to manufacture and market its acrylic sheet products under the ACRYLITE brand name in the Americas. These same products are manufactured and marketed under the PLEXIGLAS® trade name on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents.
Delivering inspiration, creativity and durability

ACRYLITE acrylic products are characterized by their outstanding weather resistance, superior impact strength and high optical quality. Designers, fabricators, architects, engineers and end users have come to rely on ACRYLITE sheet products to meet their unique challenges in a broad range of markets including signage, point-of-purchase (P-O-P) displays, store and light fixtures, fabrication, architectural interior, furniture, greenhouses, aircraft glazing and security applications.

Throughout its history in the Americas, Röhm and the ACRYLITE brand have been an innovation leader in cell cast and extruded acrylic sheet, films, block, rod, tube, multi-wall roofing and noise barrier. Today, ACRYLITE and the Röhm team continue to deliver inspiration and creativity to their customers, markets and the industries they serve. Along the way, innovation in acrylic semi-finished products has been the foundation of growth at Röhm.

Product portfolio
  • ACRYLITE block, digital print, markerboard, pop touch, extruded premium, tube
  • ACRYLITE Alltop High Impact Multi-skin
  • ACRYLITE Films
  • ACRYLITE for Aviation
  • ACRYLITE Gallery Collection including framing grade, non-glare and UV filtering
  • ACRYLITE Heatstop
  • ACRYLITE LED including chrome, color changing back lit, diffused sign grade, LED light guiding edge lit, optimized letter block, sign grade reels & sheet
  • ACRYLITE Optical mar-resistant
  • ACRYLITE proTerra high recycled content
  • ACRYLITE Reflections mirror, marine grade and iridescent
  • ACRYLITE Satinice including P-95, DP9, optimum light diffusion and crystal surface
  • ACRYLITE Soundstop
  • ACRYLITE Textures including prismatic, ribbed, FFX, FFV
  • ACRIFIX Cements
  • CYROLON Polycarbonate
  • EUROPLEX Films
Creating goods for a sustainable society
As they move forward, Röhm is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of their products and maximizing their potential for positive impact through continuous innovation. They want to contribute to helping our planet thrive and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for people to live in. Their task is to supply brands and manufacturers with the methacrylate innovations they need to create the goods for a sustainable society.
Dedication and commitment
At the core of their business and innovations are two constants: their dedicated, creative and collaborative customer-focused employees and their strong relationship and commitment to the plastics distributors in North America as their primary channel to market.
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