SABIC — Functional Forms

Mt. Vernon, Indiana, USA
chemistry that matters™


ABIC’s Functional Forms business offers high-quality, engineered thermoplastic sheet and film products across various industries, including building and construction, consumer electronics, automotive, specialty glazing, and air- and rail interiors.

Sustainable and creative designs with LEXAN sheet

The sustainable design movement aims to reduce the negative impact of residential and commercial buildings on the environment. SABIC’s Functional Forms growing portfolio of LEXAN™ polycarbonate (PC) multiwall sheet products contributes to this movement. It strengthens sustainable building designs by increasing energy conservation, improving working/living environments and promoting recycling. LEXAN sheet solutions can help architects, builders and contractors tap into the “green” building market, a multi-billion-dollar sector and a bright spot in the current construction industry slump. SABIC’s Functional Forms offers its customers a broad portfolio of LEXAN multiwall sheet solutions for roofing, cladding and glazing.

SABIC’s vision for the future involves a world where plastics never end up in our environment, landfills or oceans. SABIC’s scientists are continually striving to find innovative ways to recycle plastics and remake them into new products to reduce the global environmental footprint.

SABIC Functional Forms is currently taking another step towards a circular economy as part of SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio, highlighting new Post-Consumer Recycled LEXAN Film Solutions from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resins that offer equivalent performance to their virgin polycarbonate films. A unique portfolio of post-consumer recycled films for high-end sustainable solutions to meet the global recycling challenges.

New LEXAN EFR535 (30% PCR) and EFR565 (60% PCR) are PCR flame-retardant polycarbonate films, presenting excellent eco solutions for global electrical and electronics manufacturers to go beyond current ecological directives by voluntarily eliminating halogenated additives in their products. These new films provide outstanding EFR technology in non-bromine and chlorine. Potential applications could include battery packs and adaptors for computers, laptops, mobile phones, heat/dielectric shielding and insulation barriers, die-cut insulators and spacers, labels and overlays, e.g., home appliances.

SABIC is dedicated to meeting their customers’ ever-changing needs with their unique high performance LEXAN film and sheet portfolio. Through their services and product portfolio, they help customers create innovative designs with better functionality, reduce systems costs and develop environmentally responsible applications. They call it Chemistry That Matters™.

For further information, contact SABIC Functional Forms at 1 Lexan Lane, Mt. Vernon, IN 47620-9367 USA; phone (812) 831-7000 or (800) 323-3783, fax (812) 831-4955, (Global Business Director Functional Forms) or