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hampion Strut is a versatile, high-strength fiberglass framing system that provides durable, corrosion-resistant support for piping and conduit in industrial construction projects.

This channel system is comprised of non-metallic components designed to provide long-term performance in challenging environments including wastewater treatment plants, utilities, chemical plants, marinas, desalination plants and pools.

Here’s how Champion Strut benefits projects:

1. Corrosion-resistant fiberglass components provide durability for long-term project success.
As a corrosion-resistant material, fiberglass composites resist most acids, bases, oxidizing agents, metal salts, reducing gases and sulfur gases.
2. Fiberglass composites are manufactured for stability.
As a composite material, fiberglass strut is lightweight, strong and engineered to handle loads and conditions found in tough environments.
3. Multiple strut channel profiles are available to suit any application.
Champion Strut CS-S Series channel profile is designed to allow complete engagement and maximum pull-out strength of channel accessories. The Champion Strut CS-SST Series channel profiles are designed to be used with traditional steel rigid conduit pipe clamps.
4. Non-molded fabricated fittings (flat and angled connector plates) are available in polyester (dark gray) and vinyl ester (beige) resin systems.
Champion Strut’s non-metallic parts and components are ideal for harsh project environments where rust or corrosion could be a problem. Polyester resin components are gray and offer good general corrosion resistance. Vinyl ester is a premium-grade resin system, beige in color, that offers a higher degree of corrosion resistance.
5. Fiberglass channels are UV-resistant and fire-retardant.
The channels include UV inhibitors and a surfacing veil that improves weatherability and inhibits UV degradation. They are fire-retardant for added protection.
6. Light weight makes installation easier.
Lightweight components promote faster installation using standard tools. Enclosures made of fiberglass are easier to drill, punch and cut than metallic materials.
7. CS-SST Series Channel (only) will accommodate stainless steel pipe straps.
SST Series channel profiles from Champion Fiberglass® are designed exclusively for use with traditional steel pipe clamps.
8. Champion Strut can be customized.
Special colors and custom lengths are available.
9. 100% digital, ISO-certified facility manufactures quality products.
Our facility meets industry standards demonstrating our commitment to environmental, quality and system management requirements. Champion Fiberglass is ISO certified 14001, 9001 and 45001.
10. A commitment to customer service helps projects reach successful conclusions.
Since 1988, Champion Fiberglass has been helping engineers and contractors provide solutions for positive outcomes in construction projects.
For more information, contact Champion Fiberglass, 6400 Spring Stuebner Road Spring, TX 77389-4482 USA; phone (281) 655-8900, email; or

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