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Roechling Industrial Gastonia expands its product range with Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130
Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130
Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130 is a new product by Roechling Industrial Gastonia for semicunductor and solar applications. (Photo courtesy of Roechling Industrial Gastonia.)
Roechling Industrial Gastonia has expanded its product range to include materials that can be used safely in the semiconductor and solar industries. The new color variant Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130 meets the highest fire specifications for fire behavior, flame propagation and smoke development in accordance with FM 4910, allowing the material to be used in clean rooms in the semiconductor industry.

These properties support employee safety, reduce contamination in the event of a fire and help reduce malfunctions or plant downtime.

In addition to FM specifications, Trovidur EC-FR White FR1130 also has high chemical resistance, is weldable, bondable, easy to process, has high-quality surface glance on both sides and is easy to clean.

The new material is available with a panel width of up to 1.50 meters and cut-to-size panels are also available on request. The product is supplied as a panel with a protective film on both surfaces, which prevents damage to the high-gloss surface during the manufacturing process and further processing.

Trovidur EC-FR is manufactured in Germany in both ivory and white color variants. Thus making it possible for European customers to reduce transportation costs and delivery times. This also contributes to greater sustainability, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and more flexibility across the entire supply chain.

Gelest Inc. introduces new self-bonding silicone potting compound for electronic device protection
Gelest®PP2-SP01 by Gelest Inc., a Mitsubishi Chemical Group company. (Photo courtesy of Gelest Inc.)
Gelest Inc., a Mitsubishi Chemical Group company, has introduced their next-gen silicone potting compound Gelest®PP2-SP01 for electronic device protection. The silicone potting material is used to protect electronics from environmental conditions, UV aging, extreme temperatures, vibrations and humidity. The protection provided by this material helps ensure that automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics will perform well throughout their expected lifetime.

The new compound addresses a call for improved performance, productivity and energy efficiency with enhanced self-bonding, shortened curing time and lower operating temperatures. Standard self-bonding silicone potting compounds must cure at 329 F (165 C) for 30 minutes to achieve adhesion, while PP2-SP01 achieves adhesion at only 190.04 F (88 C) for 30 minutes. The compound has adhesion when cured to several metals, ceramics and other plastics. Additionally, PP2-SP01 eliminates the need for primers to obtain adhesion to a variety of substrates and has higher tensile strength than standard products.

Professional Plastics upgrades equipment and capabilities in San Jose, CA
The San Jose, CA, USA branch of Professional Plastics has announced a significant upgrade to their equipment and capabilities with the Mazak North America QT-Ez 8MSY machine. The new CNC machine is equipped with an 8-inch chuck and integral-motor spindle handle, fit to handle a wide range of materials. This addition will allow Professional Plastics to serve a broader range of industries.
SIMONA AMERICA Group expands Polygrain HDPE sheet line
Tunkhannock Teak Polygrain HDPE sheet being used on a boat

Tunkhannock Teak Polygrain HDPE sheet seen used in a boat. (Photo courtesy of SIMONA AMERICA Group.)

SIMONA AMERICA Group has unveiled the latest color addition to the Polygrain HDPE sheet line, Tunkhannock Teak. This new color is an enhancement for outdoor furniture, cabinetry and a variety of marine applications. Tunkhannock Teak is a warm, rich brown that mimics the look of treated teak wood.

The Polygrain HDPE sheet is UV resistant and can withstand long-term exposure to intense sun, salt water and cleaning products. It is durable, impact resistant and remains strong amid rigorous use and exposure to the elements.